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On behalf of all of us at the Yarrow Nursery School, I would like to thank you for your interest in our setting.  I hope that you will find this brochure both helpful and informative.


The information is intended to give you an insight into the life of our nursery and, I hope, will encourage you to visit us to see us in action.  Visitors are welcome at anytime, so please feel free to call upon us at your convenience.

We are required by Ofsted to see identification.


We have staff that are qualified to a very high standard, a fully qualified early years teacher will lead every session at the nursery.


Please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to discuss any queries that you may have.




Mrs Brenda Foster




To emphasise our commitment to constantly raising the quality of our provision we have completed Lancashire’s Quality Assurance Scheme.

Ofsted last inspected the nursery in July 2011.  We received a judgement of Outstanding in both the standard of care and the standard of education that we provide.  Please ask if you would like to read the full report or visit www.ofsted.gov.uk.

 We have included one or two comments that the inspector made during the visit:



·     The main focus of the nursery is on promoting learning through first hand experiences.

·     Adults are imaginative in planning activities and adept at using every opportunity for learning.

·     Children get on extremely well together, sharing, turn taking and working cooperatively.

·     Staff have excellent knowledge of individual family needs.

·     The children thoroughly enjoy their time at nursery and achieve outstandingly well.

·     The staff team involves children in guiding the direction of provision through discussing their likes, dislikes and ideas to ensure they all join in and enjoy themselves.

·     Parents and carers appreciation of the staffs efforts are reflected in comments such as ”The nursery is fantastic and I have recommended it to lots of people” and “My child loves their time at nursery and has developed so fast” “ The service and standard is brilliant and the staff are amazing”.


Our aims

The Yarrow Nursery School has a caring family ethos where everyone works together to nurture and develop the whole child.

We aim to enable all children in our care to access and enjoy the curriculum, through following the guidance within the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’.  At our nursery we take the children towards the early learning goals by supporting individual learning within  a wide range of areas of continuous provision and through a variety of exciting topics that will fire the imaginations of the children.  We aim to provide activities, which will help your child to develop as fully as possible.  The foundations for reading, writing and number work will be laid firmly in an appropriate way for the children.




The Early Years Foundation Stage


We follow the recommendations from the Department for Education for all of our children.  We look to particularly encourage and support the children in their own play by providing appropriate resources and encouraging collaborative play.


The Early Years Foundation Stage is divided into seven areas of learning for children from birth until the end of their reception year in school, these are:-


1.    Communication & Language

2.  Literacy

3.  Mathematics

4.  Knowledge and Understanding of the World

5.  Expressive arts & design

6.  Physical Development

7.  Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Each of the seven areas of learning provides a set of Early Learning Goals.  It is expected that most children will have achieved these goals by the end of the first term in their second year at school.  There are several phases of learning and development that the children move around on the way to the early learning goals.  It is these phases that provide the basis for our curriculum provision at the nursery.  If you would like further information about our curriculum please ask a member of staff.



Learning Journeys



We track each child’s progress in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage by recording our observations of their learning.  We do this through individual records of achievement which we call the child’s own story.  This tracks the journey of learning that takes place whilst they are with us in session times.  These are available for the children and their parents to access at any time.




Daily Routine


8.15am – 9.15amNursery children are welcomed if the early bird session has been booked.

 9.15am – 11.15am Children choose to play in any of the areas of continuous provision within the main room and outdoors.  During this time they are supported by adults who encourage them to consolidate their ideas or move forwards in their thoughts and actions.  Alongside this spontaneous play there will be a structured group activity that children can choose to participate in with members of staff, with regard to the learning and development sections of the early Years Foundation Stage.

10.00am – 10.30am during this time the snack bar will be open for children to help themselves to a healthy snack.  This could be milk, wholemeal toast, a range of breads, fruit or vegetables.  Water is available in this area throughout the day for children to independently access.

11.15am- 11.25am Tidy up time - we encourage the children to take responsibility for their own resources, whilst at the same time incorporating lots of language and maths work through matching and reading labels.

11.25am – 11.30am quiet time together, browsing through and enjoying books.

11.30am – 11.45am An adult leads a whole group session, usually working with number games, music, letters and early reading skills or a story. 

11.45am - 12.45pm wraparound care - children may bring a packed lunch if they wish to stay for the afternoon session or until 12.45pm

12.45pm - 3.15pm Afternoon session - this follows the same framework as the morning session. 


Continuous Provision

An important part of the session is the first part, where children choose which area of our setting to play in.  During this time the children move freely around nursery, developing their own interests, solving problems as they play, communicating with other children and adults, as the staff support and encourage them in their play.  It is during the children’s independent play that we can learn the most about their needs.  We can assess what stage they are up to, which informs us about what activities we need to plan in order to keep the children moving forwards.  We have planned our setting very carefully in order to meet every child’s needs and in order to ensure that every child has access to every area of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have several areas of continuous provision within the main room.  These are areas that are permanently available to enhance the children’s learning opportunities.  They are:-

·     Sand

·     Water

·     Paint

·     Malleable, which includes playdough, clay and baking

·     Small world, which includes small people, vehicles and animals for children to pretend with

·     Construction, such as Lego

·     Workshop, where children can make their own models from junk materials

·     Mark making or writing area

·     Home role-play

·     Books

·     Music


As we encourage the children to choose between inside and outside as much as possible, many of these areas, or suitable alternatives, such as gardening instead of sand, are also permanently available outside.  The outside area also provides the children with the opportunity for large physical play too. 

The Hall is also used at times for dance, music and play to support physical development.  If you would like further information about the value of play within continuous provision and the opportunities that it offers to support learning and development, please ask a member of staff.


Parents as Partners

Children learn more in the first five years than they do for the rest of their lives.  They spend the vast majority of this time with you as parents.  It is essential then, that if we are to provide the best for your child, which is our aim, that we work together and share information.  We make parents feel very welcome and we encourage them to be involved with their child’s learning at nursery.  We send newsletters home each half term as well as holding an annual open evening and parent’s evening.  Parents are free to discuss their child’s learning and development at anytime with either their child’s keyperson or any other member of staff.



Session Information

·     Early Bird Session  8.15am-9.15am

·     Session 1     9.15am-11.45am

·     Lunchtime    11.45am-12.45pm

·     Session 2    12.45pm-3.15pm

·     Children who stay for lunch bring a packed lunch with them.  This is stored in the kitchen.  Any items that you would like refrigerating can be put into a plastic bag, labelled with the date and the name of your child, and handed to a member of staff at the beginning of the session. Please see advice at the end of the brochure about preparing packed lunches.


·    ALL children are automatically entitled to 15 free hours a week from the term AFTER their third birthday for each of the 38 weeks that we are open through the year. All sessions above this will be charged at £5.50 Per Hour


·     Some children are also entitled to free sessions after their second birthday. Please ask for more information.

·     Each child must attend for a minimum of two sessions per week.



General Information

·     Nappies and toilet training – Children who are attending in nappies must bring a bag with nappies, wipes and a spare set of clothes to hang on their pegs.  We will follow parent’s wishes regarding toilet training where possible. Children develop at dramatically different rates and we cater for all of these needs. Please ensure plenty of underwear and spare clothing is provided when toilet training.  Accidents are inevitable and will be dealt with very kindly and discreetly.  Potties, training toilet seats and steps are available for the children if they want them.


·     Car parking – Please park at the front of the church, on the road up the hill towards Charnock Richard or down Pincock Brow which is the road opposite the church. Please do not block the driveway or park on the hill coming down from Euxton towards the church.


·     Collecting and dropping off children – Please ensure the gate is closed and bolted each time you go through it, even if you are only popping into nursery for a second.  When collecting your children please wait near the gate until all of the children have been safely seen out of the building.  Staff are available to talk to parents at the beginning of sessions and when all of the children have been safely seen to their carers at the end of sessions.  Please keep the doorway and ramp clear at collection times.


·     Policies and procedures – A copy of all of the nursery’s policies and procedures are available for parents to read either in the kitchen or on our website www.yarrownursery.jimbo.com


·     Ten top tips for preparing packed lunches from the Environmental Health Department

1.     Take chilled and frozen food home as quickly as possible

2.  Keep cooked meats in the refrigerator

3.  Cover  foods to protect from contamination

4.  Check dates on food products and use within the recommended period

5.  keep the kitchen clean

6.  Prepare food on the day of consumption

7.  If lunches are made the previous night, keep refrigerated until the next day

8.  Always wash hands with hot soapy water before preparing food

9.  Keep lunchboxes clean

10. Where possible use insulated lunchboxes with a frozen ice pack to keep the temperature as low as possible




Parental Responsibility Information Sheet


Parental responsibility was established in the children act1989 and updated in 2003.  Not all parents have parental responsibility.

These people have parental responsibility:

·        The natural mother of the child.

·        The natural Father of the child provided he was married to the mother when the child was born, or registers the birth of the child alongside the mother, or subsequently marries her.

·        Anyone who has a residence order which is currently in force in respect of the child.

The people who do not automatically have parental responsibility:

·        The father of the child if he and the mother have not been married and he has not registered the birth alongside the mother.

·        Grandparents or relatives

·        Step- Fathers

·        Guardians of the child appointed by will.

What does this mean for my child in nursery?

·        This means that at nursery, consent forms can only be signed by parents with parental responsibility.

·        That children can be collected by parents who do not have parental responsibility, But staff should have written consent om the parent who has parental responsibility.


 Financial Agreement

§  Our fees are charged on individual session prices, which shall be notified to you in advance of your child starting the nursery or out of school club. We will carry out an annual review of our fees (but reserve the right to review them at any time).  We will inform you of the revised amounts at least 1 month before it takes effect.

§  Fees due must be paid monthly, on a 4 week basis.

§  Sessions can only be changed on a half term basis.

§  Additional sessions can be booked if spaces are available, these must be paid for at the time of booking.

§  Payment for the holiday club must be made for all sessions requested at least one week in advance. The first week’s fees will be requested at time booking.

§  Payment can be made by cash, card or other childcare vouchers. No charge will be made for debit cards but a 2% surcharge will be added to credit card payments.

§  All booked sessions must be paid for including sessions missed through sickness or holidays.

§  You must provide us with 1 month’s written notice to withdraw your child from the setting or if you wish to reduce their time in the setting, if insufficient notice is given you will be responsible for the fees owed.

§  Late Payment Policy:

You are encouraged to talk to Mrs McManus immediately if you think you are going to have difficulties in paying your invoice. The sooner we hear, the easier it is to find a solution.  Please contact us as soon as possible; this is in everyone’s interest.

In the eventuality that payments are not received, the management of Yarrow valley nursery & out of school club will engage in the following procedure to secure payment.

Stage 1: A reminder letter will be sent out as soon as possible followed by a final reminder letter, if a payment has not been made by the date quoted on the invoice.

A late payment fee of £10 will be added to the amount due for each week that the payment is missed.

Stage 2: If the full amount is not received by the date given on the final reminder, then legal action will be taken without any further notice to recover fees including legal costs and late payment charges.

At this stage the child’s place at Yarrow Nursery/Yarrow Valley Nursery and Yarrow Valley and Out Of School Club will be withdrawn.

Nursery hours will only be withdrawn over the allotted 15 free hours per week.

§  Any charges in respect of recovery of bad debts etc... will be passed on to you as a parent/carer.



These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement and understanding between the parents (including other carers), Yarrow Nursery and Yarrow Valley Nursery and Out of School Club.  We reserve the right to amend/update these terms and conditions at any time.  One months’ notice will be given of any changes made. 


Please sign detach and return the form to indicate you are in agreement with the terms and conditions of this financial agreement and also indicate how you wish to pay your child’s fees.

Financial agreement consent form.


Having agreed for your child to attend any sessions involving payment over and above the free nursery education grant entitlement, you have entered into a financial agreement with Yarrow Nursery or Yarrow Valley Nursery and Out Of School Club to pay any fees due.

Please sign and return this form to show you are in agreement with the terms and conditions of the financial agreement.


·         I agree to pay Monthly/Half termly. Please delete as necessary.


·         I have read and understood the financial agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid out in the document.


Signed………………………………………………..      Date………………………



Print Name…………………………………………………………………................



Parent/Carer of………………………………………………………………………..



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